Quaint French Bistro serving Brunch seven days a week and weekend Bistro dinners.

Stop by our midtown neighborhood location for an experience right out of Paris.

C’est si bon!

Patisserie Amie

237 Lake Ave

Traverse City, MI 49684



9 thoughts on “Home

  1. My Crabmousfrit ‘a La sardou was a special and this, my first meal. Following genuine cafe au lait served traditionally, I realized I had at last found a real restaurant in Traverse City. What they say about the atmosphere is true, but the food is truly ideal. The distribution of flavors of this cousin of Eggs Benedict, was superb; textures cooked to perfection. Only once before have I had real hollandaise sauce. Literally shocked by the quality, I had to walk along the bay afterwards thinking only of singing as they did in “Babbette’s Feast.”

  2. My husband and I went here the day we got married for breakfast and have been going here every anniversary since. The food is amazing, my favorite is the ouefs africaine. The coffee is perfect and the staff is always super friendly! Looking foreward to another anniversary there on December 10th.

  3. Had brunch today. Five of us. Four had specials, one Eggs Benedict. Absolutely delicious. Service, food,ambiance spot on!

  4. We have visited Traverse City each November for the past 4 years. We dream about this place in between visits. The food is absolutely amazing as is the service.

  5. Hands down the best pastry I have ever had. Super friendly staff (especially for 8am on a Saturday morning) and a fabulously charming atmosphere. I’ll be back every time I’m in Traverse City.

  6. My husband and I have enjoyed Restaurant hopping around Traverse City for some time now. And, this, this place—has been the best so far! Not only the best breakfast of my life, but a great experience as well. My mouth waters everytime I even think about it.

  7. I came in for late breakfast (based on the Yelp recommendations) wanting to try their crêpes. But they had four specials available that all sounded great, so the crêpes will have to wait for another time. I got the Crawfish Gratin and it was amazing! Lots of crawfish in rice with a luscious Cajun sauce, baked in a casserole and topped with cheesy breadcrumbs and two poached eggs. It was very rich and savory and stayed hot throughout the short time it took to gobble it down. Two slices of grilled French bread were helpful in sopping up the last bit of yummy sauce.

    It was difficult not to stare at the plates coming out around me as I waited for my gratin. I almost drooled over eggs Benedict, omelettes and sandwiches like the classic Croque Monsieur.

    The place is small and there were about ten waiting to be seated on a busy Sunday morning, but being a single, I got a seat at the bar after only a short wait. The bartender Samuel was friendly and personable. He gave me great service even as he filled drink orders from the other servers.

    When a restaurant has specials on a chalkboard, they often leave the prices off, so I expected my gratin was going to be $20 or more, considering the amount of crawfish inside. When the bill came, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was only $14–a steal for this quality food.

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